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Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Utah

Insurance policies play the important role of protecting policyholders against unforeseen financial losses. In Utah, there are specific requirements when it comes to boat insurance. The Smith Insurance Group is one of the best insurers in the state. We ensure that all the legal requirements of this insurance policy are met. Contact us for the best insurance products for your motorboats.

Type of insurance

The law requires that all boats and personal watercraft carry owner’s or operator’s liability insurance whenever they are operating on waters in Utah. Any boat owner or operator acting in violation of this law will be charged and face the penalties stipulated in the law.

Minimum insurance requirements

The state laws have set minimum insurance requirements that apply in the case of an accident. For bodily injury or death, the minimum requirement is $25,000 to $50,000. Property damage has minimum requirements of $15,000 while the combined minimum per accident is $65,000.


All airboats and motorboats fitted with engines of less than 50 horsepower are exempt from the requirements for this type of insurance

Proof of insurance

To show that one has purchased the required insurance cover, they must carry the relevant proof whenever the boat is in operation. The recognized evidence for insurance coverage includes a binder notice, an insurance policy, and a renewal notice or a card from the insurance company providing the cover. 

Non-Utah residents

There are those who have boats operating in this state but reside in a different state. Motorboats owned by non-residents of the state and are registered in the state of residence of the boat owner will be required to meet the insurance requirements of the state. Alternatively, such motorboats will have to comply with the state’s liability insurance requirements within 90 days.

If you wish to learn more about this policy or purchase boat insurance, look no further than The Smith Insurance Group Inc. Kindly visit our offices in Sandy, UT for the best insurance products.

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