What are the dangers of conducting business without commercial insurance?

Commercial insurance plans cover multiple aspects in any business, but most importantly, they may cover liability, damages, and even vehicles. Owning a small or large business will require insurance no matter what, but let’s take a look at what can go wrong if you were operating without any coverage. If you need a reliable package and your business is in the Sandy, UT area or one of the numerous states we serve, take a look at The Smith Insurance Group, Inc. for some unbeatable plans.

Lawsuits by Customers

Operating a business with lot’s of customers coming in and out, you never know what kind of mishaps may happen. Imagine if a customer slips and falls, your business may be financially ruined if you did not have insurance to cover legal costs or damages.

Lawsuits by Employees

Owning a business in which employees are working with dangerous equipment, you should expect the possibility of an accident happening while on the job. Employees that are injured may then sue business owners with the accusations of negligence, such as not providing sufficient safety equipment.

Legal Requirement

Some sort of liability insurance is required by law so that employees are covered in the event of an accident. Your business will be at risk of closing down and facing fines if you are caught without sufficient insurance.

Losing Money

Imagine if something goes wrong in your business and you don’t have insurance to protect you. It is very likely that you will be hit hard by the upfront costs of damages and legal fees when something bad does happen.

Since you are now aware that running a business without sufficient insurance is risky business, you should go out and get a plan that covers your basic needs. If you conduct business in the Sandy, UT area or one of the many other states we conduct business in, consider reaching out to The Smith Insurance Group, Inc.