Motorcycle Insurance Add Ons You Need

When you own a motorcycle you absolutely understand the thrill of the open road. No matter the style of motorcycle you ride or if you’re an everyday rider (or seasonal rider) there is just nothing else that can compare with riding a motorcycle. When you work on your bike you likely install a few extra features to help make your ride more comfortable. Well, you will want to protect these add ons with the right kind of insurance. When you live around Sandy, UT, our staff here at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. wants to help make sure you are appropriately protected, no matter what kind of motorcycle or insurance options you’re considering. 

Motorcycle Upgrades

Perhaps you have added some compartments to carry more gear on your motorcycle. Or maybe you’ve installed a new gas tank or even some additional tech features on the bike. Whatever upgrades you’ve made you’ll want to consider the additional protective coverages for these installations. 

Roadside Assistance

You do what you can to work on your motorcycle, but even then issues can arise out of nowhere. You probably don’t want to just leave your motorcycle as you walk somewhere for help. With roadside assistance you can have a tow truck stop on by and, instead of paying out of pocket, the cost of the tow will be covered with your insurance.

Protect Your Motorcycle With The Right Insurance

There are all kinds of motorcycle insurance add ons to consider. But which is right for you? If you’re not completely sure or you still have questions you’ll want to give our staff at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. a call. When you live around greater Sandy, UT our staff is here to help address your questions and assist in finding the insurance that covers your needs.