Which autonomous driving features should you choose for your next vehicle?

The world is a few years away from the time when you will be able to hop into a self-driving car and let the computer take you where you need to go. However, a number of features exist now that will make your daily commute or road trip a little bit easier and a lot safer. But what are the best features to ask for when making your next car purchase? Consumer reports have a list of available features. Here are some that The Smith Insurance Group, Inc., serving Sandy, UT, recommends.

Autonomous Driving Features

Many accidents happen when the driver is not being as attentive at the wheel as he or she should be. This can result in the driver rear-ending the vehicle in front of them. Automatic emergency braking will apply the brakes when a collision appears to be imminent, thus preventing the accident. Another similar feature is a collision warning system that will give an audible or visual warning to alert the driver to an oncoming collision.

Shifting lanes into another vehicle is also a cause of accidents. A blind spot warning system will sound an alarm if another vehicle is in your blind spot as you begin to change lanes. A lane departure warning system will alert you if you start to depart your lane through inattention. A lane keeping assist system will keep you in your lane.

Finally, you should consider getting adaptive cruise control, using a suite of sensors to keep a set distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you. When the traffic slows, your car will slow as well. When the traffic speeds up, so will your vehicle.  

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