Does Utah Require Boat Insurance?

Utah has no shortage of spectacular waterways to explore by boat, and doing so safely is the top priority of all involved. Utah does not require operators to have insurance on their vessels. However, this doesn’t mean that boat insurance should be skipped. Not only does boat insurance cover damage to your boat sustained in a covered incident, but it also provides invaluable liability coverage that can protect you from having to pay thousands of dollars in out of pocket fees for an accident that you cause that damages another person’s property or results in serious injury. Additionally, uninsured and underinsured boater coverage will protect you from paying for the repairs to your boat or medical expenses incurred by you or a passenger if a boat owner hits you without insurance. 

If your boat has a motor attached to it or is a sailboat, then Utah law requires that it be registered and numbered. The DMV processes boat registrations and the registration certificate must be on board the boat at all times if you are stopped by law enforcement. If you are operating a motorboat or sailboat, you can do so if you are under the age of 16 only if accompanied and supervised by a responsible individual that is 18 years or older. For personal watercraft devices, children between the ages of 12 and 17 can operate these vessels after completing a Utah State Parks approved boater safety and education course. 

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