Tips for Choosing the Right Auto Policy

The Smith Insurance Group Inc. provides the residents of Sandy, UT, and the surrounding area with the experience they can trust when it comes to finding the right insurance for their needs. If you’re thinking of buying a new car or aren’t sure if your current policy provides the coverage you need, we’re here to help.

Three Things to Consider When Choosing Your Auto Policy

Choosing the right auto policy today can help you avoid a lot of headaches in the future. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your policy:

  1. Your driving habits – one of the questions your local insurance will ask when helping you determine the right auto policy for your needs is how much you typically drive each year. Whether it be on weekends or to work every day, be sure to have an idea of your annual mileage before beginning the search process.
  2. The vehicle you’re insuring – there are different considerations to make when your auto is paid off than if you have financing. If you’re close to paying off the vehicle you’re insuring, be sure to let your agent know.
  3. Who will drive the vehicle – do you have teens or relatively new drivers driving the car you’re looking to insure? If you’re the sole driver on the policy, your needs will differ from someone looking to ensure a vehicle the entire family drives regularly.

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Four of the most important steps to go through when you select your auto insurance policy

When you need auto insurance, there are a few steps you need to go through. We can help you find an auto insurance policy that meets your needs at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. Our insurance company insures drivers in Sandy, UT.

The following are four of the most critical steps to go through when you select your auto insurance policy. 

Get important information together.

Insurance providers need essential information about your vehicle before providing a car insurance policy. You should get together your vehicle title, driver’s license, and contact information when you’re ready to purchase auto insurance. 

Figure out which types of coverage you want.

There are several types of coverage that you can consider. Your policy will have to include liability coverage. However, you can choose whether you want collision or comprehensive coverage. 

Research these different types of auto insurance to know what they are and how they work. You can then choose which types of coverage you want your policy to include. 

Request quotes from a few insurance companies

Getting policy quotes is an essential step in buying auto insurance. You can use comparison sites online to get quotes from different providers that you can compare. 

Evaluate quotes before selecting a policy.

Compare costs on policies from different insurance providers. However, you don’t want to rely solely on cost to evaluate policies.

You should also consider the amount of coverage you’ll get from different policies and the quality of customer service that insurance providers can offer. 

If you’re ready to buy auto insurance in Sandy, UT, we’re here to help. Call The Smith Insurance Group Inc. to get a quote on a policy to insure your vehicle. 

Adding Comprehensive and Collision Coverage to Protect Your Bike

Most drivers opt for minimum coverage, not realizing that the insurance does not cover their motorbike from damage. The Smith Insurance Group Inc. wants Sandy, UT drivers to understand their options to protect their motorcycles.

Adding to the Minimum Bike Insurance

Adding comprehensive and collision coverage ensures that the policy covers replacement or repair if an accident occurs or the bike gets stolen. The property insurance included in the state’s minimum requirements only covers damage to another person’s vehicle or property. To cover the repair or replacement of your motorbike in an accident, you need collision coverage.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage protects your finances, whether the accident involves many vehicles or only your bike. The term collision includes other motorbikes, autos, fences, garage doors, walls – you name it! No matter what you hit with the motorcycle, your collision coverage covers the repair or replacement cost. So, if you hit a deer with your Yamaha, collision coverage pays for the repairs after you pay your deductible.

You choose your deductible amount. You can set it lower, around $500 or $1,000, but you’ll pay higher monthly premiums. That’s because you won’t have to pay much if an accident occurs. If you need your monthly payments to cost less, choose a higher deductible, such as $2,500 or $5,000. Even paying $5,000 is better than covering the cost of a new high-end motorbike, most of which costs about $75,000.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage pays for repairs or replacement of your bike if someone steals it or nature damages it. It also pays for damage from vandalism and rioting. Natural damage refers to damage from fire, hail, high winds, hurricanes, etc. The only natural hazard not included on the list of perils is flooding. Flood insurance covers this.

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I don’t have a car loan. Do I still need auto insurance?

Most states require all drivers to carry auto liability insurance that meets the state minimum requirements. However, drivers can invest in more than just auto liability coverage. Drivers have many coverage options. Our Sandy, UT team at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. is committed to helping drivers find coverage that meets their needs. 

Auto Insurance Requirements

Most states require all drivers to carry liability insurance that meets the state minimum levels, regardless of whether you have a car loan or not. All drivers must carry liability insurance. However, other circumstances may require you to carry more than liability coverage. Minnesota also requires drivers to carry uninsured motorists’ coverage and personal injury protection coverage. 

I don’t have a Car loan. Do I still need Auto Insurance?

Yes. You still need to carry auto liability insurance. However, if you have a late-model car, investing in more than just liability coverage may be wise. Likely, you won’t be able to pay for damage to your vehicle out of pocket. One rule of thumb is to carry full coverage insurance if your car’s value exceeds your annual insurance premium. Your car’s value may justify paying for full coverage if its value is less than what you’re paying in insurance costs. For example, the odds of your car being totaled is greater if the value of your vehicle is less than the cost of repairing it. If you have more questions about auto insurance, call us. We’d be happy to help you explore your options. 

Prepare Your Car, Truck, or SUV for Winter in Utah

As the temperatures drop and the snow falls in Sandy, UT, it’s essential to ensure your car, truck, or SUV is prepared for winter weather. Along with providing comprehensive auto coverage from The Smith Insurance Group Inc, a few simple steps can help prevent costly repairs and accidents.

Check Your Tire Tread and Pressure

As the temperatures start to drop, so does the air pressure in your tires. That’s why it’s essential to check your tire pressure regularly during the winter. Low tire pressure can cause your tires to lose traction on icy roads, leading to accidents. It can also cause your tires to wear down more quickly.

Besides checking your tire pressure, it’s also important to check your tire tread. Tire tread helps you grip the road. The deeper the tread, the better grip you’ll have. If your tire tread is shallow, you might replace your tires before winter weather hits.

Clear Off Your Car Before You Drive

Another critical step in preparing your car for winter is clearing the snow and ice before driving. Ice and snow can obstruct your vision and make it difficult to see other vehicles on the road. It can also cause your car to lose traction and slide on icy roads. So before you head out this winter, take a few minutes to clear off your car completely.

Check Your Wiper Blades

Ice and snow can also make it difficult to see the road ahead. To ensure you have clear visibility, check your wiper blades before winter weather. If they’re cracked or worn down, replace them before the snow falls.

Also, ensure your Sandy, UT vehicle coverage is up-to-date with The Smith Insurance Group Inc. We can provide comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle from damage and theft year-round.

Will My Auto Insurance Cover Accidents Outside Utah?

It’s a bright, warm summer morning. The highway is clear, the sky blue. You’re driving north, headed for cooler climes. Somewhere in Montana, a truck clips the back of your car. You slam on your brakes and skid into the guardrail. You’ll be okay, but your car is heavily damaged.

Will your Sandy, UT insurance policy still cover you in Montana? Let The Smith Insurance Group Inc. help you find the answers.

Does car insurance cover out-of-state accidents?

The short answer is yes; car insurance policies generally cover out-of-state accidents. This is true regardless of where the accident occurred. Generally speaking, car insurance policies cover accidents anywhere in the country.

What if my state has different insurance requirements than the state where the accident occurred?

Coverage requirements vary by state, but you’re only required to have the minimum coverage that your state of residence mandates. You can always have more than that voluntarily, of course.

Am I covered if I move to another state?

If you permanently move to another state, you will want to notify your insurance company. You can always carry your old policy over to your new state. However, because minimum liability limits vary between states, you will want to make sure your policy is updated.

Am I covered if I drive out of the country?

This depends on where you’re going. In Canada, your policy from the US will usually cover you to the same limits it does stateside.

Some policies might cover damage to your vehicle in Mexico, but you’ll likely be on the hook for any liability claims. If you plan to go to Mexico, the best practice is to get Mexican auto insurance.

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Why Utah Drivers Need Auto Insurance

Drivers in Sandy, UT looking for a new auto insurance policy should look no further than The Smith Insurance Group Inc. We serve the residents of Utah and would be happy to help you select an auto insurance plan that works for you. 

Liability and no-fault auto insurance are both required by law in the state of Utah. This means if you’re an active driver in Utah, you had better have car insurance. Although obeying the laws is of the utmost importance, we believe that auto insurance is a very important investment you can make to protect yourself as a driver on the road in Utah. 

Liability insurance protects you in the scenario where you are at fault for injuries or damage to another car in an accident. Collision insurance covers you in an accident where you hit another car. Comprehensive insurance covers other variations of damage, like theft or vandalism. 

 While you may be a very safe driver and do everything in your power to be safe on the road, you can’t control what other drivers are doing (or not doing) each day when you’re on the road. Because of this, car insurance is absolutely essential to your own safety, as well as the safety of other people on the road.

Don’t roll the dice and hope you never need insurance — if you’re in an accident, even if you aren’t at fault, you’ll need proof of insurance. If you get pulled over, you’ll need to show proof of insurance. It’s just not worth the risk to not have it, because anything can happen. 

The Smith Insurance Group Inc. is happy to help residents in Sandy, UT select the most suitable auto insurance policy that will help you and your family feel safe on the road. 

Who needs to get auto insurance?

When you live in or around Sandy, UT there are plenty of local amenities that you can enjoy. If you would like to enjoy the area as much as possible, you should get a car. Anyone that is going to get a vehicle in this area needs to get proper insurance coverage as it is required for a few different purposes. 

Those that Take Out a Loan

Drivers that take out a car loan need to make sure they know what their obligations are when it comes to insurance. Auto loan providers want their collateral to be covered as well as possible. Usually, the lender will have specific insurance requirements in their agreements. This could require that you get a full insurance plan with a reasonable deductible, which ensures you will have the ability to repair or replace your car. 

Those that Want to Drive on a Road

You will also need to get auto coverage when you want to drive the car on a public road. Anyone that is going to drive in Utah needs to abide by the state’s liability insurance laws. This coverage gives assurances to all other people on the road that you can pay for any damages you may cause in an accident. If you do not carry this coverage, you could face penalization when you are caught. 

People that are going to purchase a car in the Sandy, UT area will need to get a proper insurance plan. As you are looking for your next policy here, you should call The Smith Insurance Group Inc. The team with The Smith Insurance Group Inc. understands the complexities and challenges that come with commercial coverage. This team will work hard to help you pick a plan that is ideal for your situation and mitigates your driving risks. 

Required Auto Insurance in Utah

When you have a vehicle in Utah, it’s required for you to have auto insurance in place to take care of any liability you may have in an accident as well as other types of coverage. The insurance requirement in the state comes with several different parts, and drivers should have all of them. If you need auto insurance or want to change to a different carrier, call us at The Smith Insurance Group Inc in Sandy, UT for an appointment. 

Required Coverage

To stay legal on Utah roads, there are five main parts that your auto insurance must cover. The coverage must include bodily injury liability with minimums per person as well as per accident. It must also include a mandatory minimum of property damage liability. For your own injuries, you must have a specific minimum amount of personal injury protection. You also must have a required minimum of uninsured motorist insurance with minimums both per person and per accident. There is also underinsured motorist coverage with minimums for each person and the whole accident.

Minimum Coverage

With so many types of coverage having mandatory minimums, many people choose to get just enough coverage to meet the minimum legal requirement. However, this may not be enough if a serious accident were to happen. It also doesn’t cover damage to your own vehicle. To be more fully insured, consider adding to the minimums and adding collision insurance. Without these coverages, you may have to pay a significant amount out of picket once your insurance coverage maxes out. 

Utah Insurance

If you don’t have insurance for your Utah vehicle, call us right away to get coverage. Contact us at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. in Sandy, UT for an appointment with an insurance agent. 

When to Upgrade Auto Insurance Coverage in Sandy

Auto insurance has a tendency to fade into the background for many drivers in Sandy, UT. You might pick a policy when you first get your car, set up automatic payments, and then quickly forget about it from there. But your policy should technically be changing based on what you do and how you live. The Smith Insurance Group Inc. is here to let you know when it’s time to upgrade your coverage. 

When You Want More 

Maybe you opted for the lowest amount of coverage when you first got your car because you didn’t really drive very much at the time. But since then, you obtained a new job that increases the amount of travel. You may be going into higher crime areas or spending more time on busy roads. The more time you’re in your vehicle, the more coverage you’ll need. 

When You’ve Made Changes to the Car 

Maybe you installed a new stereo or you splurged a little more than you thought you would at the after-market store. All of these additions could increase the value of your car, meaning you’ll need to get additional protection for them. If you haven’t called your insurance carrier to update them on the changes, they may not cover the repair or replacement should you file a claim. 

When You Want a New Partner 

If you live in Sandy, UT, and want to learn more about different auto insurance carriers, The Smith Insurance Group Inc. is here to help. The company that covers you will play a major role in how claims are handled, which items are approved, and your overall experience should an adverse event occur to you. Contact us today if you have questions about how you can upgrade your coverage in Sandy.