3 Facts About Auto Insurance You Need To Know

Sandy, UT motorists who are looking to remain safe on the roadways will often rely on the assistance of The Smith Insurance Group Inc. for all of their auto insurance needs. There are a few key facts that drivers in the Sandy, UT area need to know before they can make a truly informed decision. 

This guide is here to provide the necessary background when it comes time to make a final decision. Here are three facts about auto insurance that you need to know: 

1. The Factors That Determine Pricing

Every auto insurance provider will rely on a few key factors to determine the pricing. The motorist’s marital status, age and gender are all taken into consideration. Younger drivers and male drivers are both considered more likely to have an accident. There is statistical evidence to back up these claims. Meanwhile, married drivers are considered less likely to file accident claims.

2. Expensive Vehicles Are Not Always More Costly To Insure

This is a common misconception when it comes to auto insurance. Many motorists assume that insurance costs rise with the cost of the vehicle. In reality, an expensive vehicle that has a better track record for offering lower claim rates for accidents may cost much less to insure than a cheaper vehicle. 

3. Personal Insurance Does Not Cover Business Vehicles

There is a wide range of motorists who are unaware of this fact. Those who remain unaware are actually putting their personal policy at risk. Anyone who is found to be driving their personal vehicle for a side gig will have their policy revoked entirely. A motorist who plans on utilizing their personal vehicle for a business venture must be sure to purchase a policy that is completely separate, with no exceptions. 

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