Will My Auto Insurance Cover Accidents Outside Utah?

It’s a bright, warm summer morning. The highway is clear, the sky blue. You’re driving north, headed for cooler climes. Somewhere in Montana, a truck clips the back of your car. You slam on your brakes and skid into the guardrail. You’ll be okay, but your car is heavily damaged.

Will your Sandy, UT insurance policy still cover you in Montana? Let The Smith Insurance Group Inc. help you find the answers.

Does car insurance cover out-of-state accidents?

The short answer is yes; car insurance policies generally cover out-of-state accidents. This is true regardless of where the accident occurred. Generally speaking, car insurance policies cover accidents anywhere in the country.

What if my state has different insurance requirements than the state where the accident occurred?

Coverage requirements vary by state, but you’re only required to have the minimum coverage that your state of residence mandates. You can always have more than that voluntarily, of course.

Am I covered if I move to another state?

If you permanently move to another state, you will want to notify your insurance company. You can always carry your old policy over to your new state. However, because minimum liability limits vary between states, you will want to make sure your policy is updated.

Am I covered if I drive out of the country?

This depends on where you’re going. In Canada, your policy from the US will usually cover you to the same limits it does stateside.

Some policies might cover damage to your vehicle in Mexico, but you’ll likely be on the hook for any liability claims. If you plan to go to Mexico, the best practice is to get Mexican auto insurance.

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