Boat Insurance: Do You Need It In the Winter?

Having a boat is great in the summer months when you can take it out on the water and enjoy it. But what about in the winter, when it just sits in storage? Do you still need to insure your boat when it’s not being used? You can get your boat insurance questions answered in the Sandy, UT area by visiting us at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. We know that it’s not always easy to have toys like boats, but that they’re usually worth any trouble they sometimes cause. If you don’t use your boat at all during the winter, you may want to drop your insurance on it. While you can do that, it’s not necessarily the best choice.

You’ll want to consider where you’re keeping your boat. Even if it’s on your property it could still be at risk, but if it’s stored somewhere else you’ll definitely want to keep insurance on it. A storage facility won’t be responsible for theft or damage in most cases, and you want to be sure your boat is properly protected. Keeping it insured during the winter months, when it’s being stored, helps ensure that you won’t suffer losses on it. That level of protection can bring you peace of mind.

It’s also important to remember that there are often discounts for continuous policies and if you start and stop your insurance that could be affected. The best way to determine if you need insurance on your Sandy, UT area boat in the winter months is to come talk to us at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. We can ask questions and provide you with information that will help you decide the right way to insure and protect your boat all year round.