4 Reasons You Should Get Motorcycle Insurance

When the weather is warm, you can’t wait to cruise with your bike. Unfortunately, riding is never risk-free, even when the weather is conducive. If you aren’t riding with a proper motorcycle insurance policy, you are putting yourself and the bike in danger. 

 If you are getting temptations to overlook motorcycle insurance, here is why you should get coverage from The Smith Insurance Group Inc., based in Sandy, UT.

It’s required by law

The last thing you would want to bother you is being slapped with non-compliance penalties and fines. In Utah, all riders must purchase bodily injury and property damage liability coverages in their motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance is even required before you register your bike to obtain license plates.

It covers you against liabilities

Even if you do your best to observe traffic rules, mistakes can happen, leading to accidents. And when this happens, you could face bodily injury and property damage liabilities from other motorists and road users. Without liability insurance, you may have to drum up resources to pay for these costs. 

It covers medical expenses

A motorcycle is the smallest vehicle on the road. As such, you may easily collide with cars that might not be seeing you. Unfortunately, motorcycle injuries can be significant, even after a minor impact. Thankfully, if you have PIP or MedPay coverage, you can focus on your recovery without worrying about medical bills. 

It protects your asset

Besides providing liability and medical expenses coverage, motorcycle insurance covers your bike, too. So, if you are involved in an accident and your bike is damaged or totaled, your insurer compensates you for the loss up to the coverage limit. Otherwise, you may have to finance the damage or replacement from your pocket.

Whether you own an old bike or you are looking to shop for a new one in Sandy, UT, contact The Smith Insurance Group Inc. for affordable motorcycle insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Insurance

Although boat accidents are not as common compared to auto accidents, it’s good to insure your boat, just in case of an unexpected loss. Whether you are considering purchasing a boat or already have one, it’s good to know more about boat insurance to avoid problems. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about boat insurance. And if you’re looking for a reputable boat insurance company serving Sandy, UT, The Smith Insurance Group Inc. is here to help you choose a cover that suits your needs.

Does The Law Require Me to Have Boat Insurance?

The law requires to have operator’s liability insurance whenever a person is using a boat. If you don’t have it, you risk being penalized because you will be violating state law. Don’t get into trouble with the authorities while The Smith Insurance Group Inc. can offer you a suitable boat insurance policy. 

Do I Need to Have Insurance Even When My Boat Is Not Very Expensive?

You need to have boat insurance even when you feel like your boat is not expensive. The reason for this is, there will be a need to cater for medical bills in case an accident happens or property is damaged. 

Does A Homeowners Policy Offer Boat Coverage?

Some people may assume that their boat it’s covered under their homeowner’s policy. This might be true to some extent. The coverage may be very restricted and not cater to all your insurance needs. It’s always good to review your homeowner’s policy well and ask questions to make sure everything is clear.

Do I Still Need Boat Insurance During the Off-Season Period?

Your boat needs coverage even during the offseason period because it might get damaged when in transit or storage. 

Boat insurance can protect you from many undesirable experiences. It also helps you have peace of mind whenever you’re navigating in water, transporting your boat, and even when it’s in storage. Contact The Smith Insurance Group Inc. to learn more about our boat insurance covers in Sandy, UT. 

The Importance of Having Updated Health Insurance

Health insurance is there to cover your medical expenses when you need it most. The costs of health insurance have gotten higher over the years, so it has become even more important to carry insurance for a number of reasons. The Smith Insurance Group Inc. reminds you in the Sandy, UT area to check on your health insurance now.

Why Have Updated Health Insurance?

  • Medical conditions are unpredictable. You could be feeling fine today and may fall ill tomorrow, break an arm while exercising, or experience an accident that could put you in the hospital. You don’t want to have to pay for those costs from your own pocket.
  • Costs continue to rise. With the cost of health insurance continuing to be inflated, you can’t be too careful to make sure you have adequate health insurance for yourself, as well as your family. 
  • Car accidents. Just as you have auto insurance in the case of an auto accident, you should also have health insurance in the event of an auto collision. Keep your policy updated and make sure you are covered for everything that could happen so you won’t be caught unaware.

Why People Don’t Keep Their Health Insurance Up-to-Date

There are a number of reasons why people don’t keep their health insurance up-to-date. One reason is people don’t think about health insurance (or life insurance, for that matter) until they need to cash in. Only when someone breaks an arm, has a medical issue, or other medical problems do they think about their health insurance. 

But the time to think about insurance is before anything happens; not after the fact. Then, it’s too late to update your policy. If you’re not covered, you will have to pay your medical expenses yourself. And this can be costly!

What to Do

If you haven’t thought about your health insurance in a while, maybe now’s a good time! The Smith Insurance Group Inc. serving the Sandy UT area, can sit down with you and plan out the ideal health insurance plan for you and your family. Have your questions ready and contact them today, before you really need them. 

Life insurance FAQs

Does the thought of discussing life insurance disturb you? Do you have loads of questions and very few answers?  You are not alone; most people are not life insurance experts. That is why they count on their independent insurance agent to not only answer their questions but to direct them to the right products for their needs. If you live in or near Sandy, UT The Smith Insurance Group Inc. is here to help. Our goal is to provide our customers with the personalized service they deserve. 

Do I need life insurance if I am single?

If you have enough money to pay for your final expenses, no one who counts on your income to survive, and no debt that your loved ones might be saddled with then you probably don’t need life insurance. 

Can I choose anyone to be the beneficiary on my life insurance? 

The choice of beneficiary is yours to make, no judgments are made. If you choose a minor, the insurance company will not pay out until they reach legal age as defined by the state they reside in. 

If I get life insurance from my employer do I need to buy my own?

Simply stated yes. What if you change employers? What if your employer goes out of business? Does your employer actually know the correct amount of life insurance for your particular case?  While this is a very helpful benefit to add to your own coverage, it should not be your primary protection. 

Can my life insurance policy be canceled?

Yes, it can. The most common reason is the non-payment of your premium. Another reason would be lying on your application. It is imperative that you answer all questions truthfully even if you are afraid it will result in a higher premium. 

Contact The Smith Insurance Group Inc. in Sandy, UT with all your life insurance questions. 

Safety Tips for Night Driving

Driving late at night can be harrowing, but the risk can be mitigated by following easy and simple safety tips that will help ensure you, your passengers, and other motorists stay safe while driving in the dark. According to the National Safety Council, traffic deaths are nearly three times greater at night than during the day making it even more imperative to be vigilant and stay safe while driving.

Unobstructed Windshield

With more motorists taking to the streets for trips because of COVID-19, vehicle safety starts in your garage. Having both a clean windshield and one that is free of cracks or other debris is step one. Built up dirt and grime can lead to dangerous glare that makes it impossible to see anything on the roadway other than a traffic light or another vehicle’s headlights. If you are unsure about replacing a windshield crack, visit a reputable dealership or mechanic for a more stringent inspection.

Listen to Your Body

It can be tempting to ignore signs of sleepiness – particularly when you have a long car ride in front of you – but frequent breaks are important. If possible, travel with others that can take turns driving so that everyone receives the rest they need.

Watch for Intoxicated Drivers

Driving at night requires a defensive driving mindset that indicates you are always aware of potential threats. Keep your distance from any vehicles that are driving too slow, swerving in and out of traffic, or exhibiting any other concerning driving habit and contact local authorities when it is safe to do so to report anything suspicious.

When it comes to your auto insurance needs in Sandy, UT look no further than the team at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. Offering exceptional service, we pride ourselves in answering all your questions and ensuring that you leave completely satisfied. 

Motorcycle Insurance: When Should You Get A Custom Insurance Policy?

Most states are calling for motorcyclists to have insurance coverage for being on the road. In Sandy, UT, this is not different as it is a requirement. Finding a customized insurance policy for your motorcycle is essential. As The Smith Insurance Group Inc., we will guide you on when to get the policy and ensure you are on the safe side of the law.

When You Need Liability Coverage

During a motorcycle accident, the chances that you will cause damage to another person or their property are much higher. A custom insurance policy covers and helps you pay for damages, repairs, and other maintenance bills. This is beneficial for newer motorcyclists in areas with a high likelihood of accidents.

When You Need Guest Passenger Coverage

It is a common thing to carry passengers with no insurance coverage of any sort as a motorcyclist. It can be overwhelming when you get in an accident, and the passengers sustain severe injuries. A custom insurance policy becomes vital in this case. With an insurance policy in Sandy, UT, you will avoid financial distress and cover the resulting medical bills and expenses effectively.

When You Need Breakdown Coverage

Seeking a custom insurance policy for your motorcycle is not meant to cover accidents only. It is also to help with breakdown issues. Repair and maintenance services can be costly, but with a custom insurance policy, the process becomes much easier, whether on the road or at home.

When You Need Personal Injury Protection

A custom motorcycle insurance policy can help pay for and sort your medical expenses. You also get more personal injury protection after an accident. The coverage helps settle the medical bills regardless of the party that caused the accident.

When You Need Comprehensive Coverage

A custom insurance policy also offers comprehensive coverage. It helps pay for the damage done to your property. This means you get coverage on repair and motorcycle replacement costs and get protection in cases of fire, theft, or storm in your home.

While understanding the need for a custom motorcycle insurance policy can be hard, we make it easier for you as The Smith Insurance Group Inc. Call us today for more guidance and help.

Which Comes First: The Boat or the Boat Insurance?

What comes first, the boat or boat insurance? Does it seem like this is another case of the egg and the chicken?

So you’ve decided to buy a boat, but something is unclear. Should you pick the boat first or purchase boat insurance first? 

While this is a tricky question, our experts at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. can help you with insights that will help you make the right decision. 

Buying a Boat vs Boat Insurance

If you’re buying a boat, you’re probably making a substantial financial investment. A boat is not something you buy today, damage it, then buy another one tomorrow. When you buy one, you need to protect it right from day one. 

Protecting your boat means having sufficient insurance cover before turning on the engine. If anything happens immediately after starting the engine, you’re financially liable. The boat might be involved in an accident shortly after that leaves it damaged or someone else severely injured. 

You need to be aware that a homeowners’ insurance policy doesn’t cover your boat, neither is your auto insurance. You might have other types of coverages, but you’re not safe as long as you don’t have boat insurance. If anything happens, you have to pay all the bills from your pocket. Is this manageable? Probably not!

The Choice

If you need to buy a boat in Sandy, UT, it’s only wise first to consider the insurance policy that will adequately cover your investment. Ask around to understand the boat insurance expenses in your area. You can then factor in that amount in your final boat purchase cost.

The bottom line is, you cannot buy a boat before considering the insurance cost. So the boat insurance comes before the boat. 

Do you need boat insurance in Sandy, UT? Reach out to The Smith Insurance Group Inc. for more information concerning the cost of boat insurance. 

Navigating Health Insurance

If you find the world of health insurance increasingly confusing, you are not alone. Although health insurance remains an important part of your financial strategy, sometimes the challenges can feel overwhelming. At The Smith Insurance Group Inc. serving Sandy, UT, we want to help you navigate your health insurance choices. Keep reading to find out what you need to know about purchasing health insurance. 

Why Is Health Insurance Confusing?

Health insurance coverage is designed to accommodate the needs of different people in different medical and health situations. For this reason, there is not simply one policy that will suit everyone. There are many different types of programs and policies. It is important to efficiently navigate these programs and policies so that you can choose the one that will best suit your particular family’s needs. 

How Do I Choose Health Insurance?

You may be wondering, "How can I know which policy is best?" If you are finding the insurance products confusing, the best way to understand which one is right for you will be to sit down with a knowledgeable insurance representative. Our insurance team can help evaluate your family’s health situation so that you can pick the policy that makes the most sense. You do not want to pay for services you don’t need, but you also do not want to need service and later find out you don’t have it. In order to avoid this, speaking with an insurance professional is advised. 

Once our insurance professionals have discussed your options with you, you will be able to make a health insurance purchase with confidence. 

If you would like to learn more about health insurance, or any of our other insurance products, please contact us at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. serving Sandy, UT. We will be happy to answer your questions today. 

Questions to Ask Before Buying Life Insurance in Utah

Life insurance is growing in popularity in the United States. This type of insurance has become indispensable due to its benefits, especially for dependents. If you’re in Sandy, UT, the Smith Insurance Group Inc. is your one-stop-shop for all your life insurance needs. 

To know more about life insurance in Utah, you need to ask the right questions. Here are some of the questions to ask before buying life insurance in Utah. 

What Does the Life Insurance Policy Cover?

You ought to understand more about your policy before agreeing to it. Life insurance policies offer distinct coverages and amounts. It would help to read the policy to establish what is covered and what’s not before signing the document. 

How Do I Know the Amount of Insurance I Need?

Your life insurance premiums depend on the amount of money you want your loved ones to get upon your demise. Other factors that will also determine your life insurance include;

  • Your budget 
  • Amount of assets 
  • Liabilities
  • Number of dependents 

The Smith Insurance Group Inc. will provide considerable knowledge to establish the needed life insurance. 

What Is Cash Value in Life Insurance?

If you get the whole life insurance policy, you’ll build cash value within a few years. The cash value refers to the small amount of money that the insurer puts aside from the premiums each month. 

Cash value often grows over the years you own the policy. The policyholder can access the cash value minus the premiums at any time. You can use the cash value by borrowing cash against it or paying policy premiums. 

Get Life Insurance Answers Today

It is crucial to ensure the answers you receive on your life insurance questions are satisfactory. 

The Smith Insurance Group Inc. offers reliable life insurance services in Sandy, UT. The team will answer all your queries and guide you when deciding to get a life insurance policy. Contact us today to know more about these policies.

How much life insurance is enough

Life insurance is a very individual thing. What is enough life insurance for your brother, may not be enough life insurance for you. Your life insurance strategy needs to be tailored to your particular life. Most people are not knowledgeable enough about life insurance themselves to guarantee they have the correct coverage. Having an insurance agent you trust makes this a much simpler task. At The Smith Insurance Group Inc. in Sandy, UT, we are a full-service independent agency that is here to help you with all your insurance needs. 

Life insurance is something you need to start thinking about when you are young. Rates will likely be lower than they will ever be again. You need to consider the type and amount of insurance you need. Before you start purchasing life insurance you need to ask yourself, who counts on me for support?

Life insurance is not something you buy to protect yourself. It is something you buy for those you may leave behind. If you are single, have no dependents, and don’t have any outstanding debt, your need for life insurance is minimal. You just need to have enough for your final expenses. But if you have plans to own a home, have a family, and have trouble saving, a whole life insurance policy combines protection with a saving component. 

Once you have a partner and children your need for life insurance changes. You need to consider how much support they will need and for how long. Experts suggest between seven and ten years of income in life insurance. You need to look at whether that is too much or not enough for your dependents. 

At The Smith Insurance Group Inc. in Sandy, UT, we are here to help you get the life insurance coverage you need. Give our office or stop by for a no-obligation quote