Does Utah Require Boat Insurance?

Utah has no shortage of spectacular waterways to explore by boat, and doing so safely is the top priority of all involved. Utah does not require operators to have insurance on their vessels. However, this doesn’t mean that boat insurance should be skipped. Not only does boat insurance cover damage to your boat sustained in a covered incident, but it also provides invaluable liability coverage that can protect you from having to pay thousands of dollars in out of pocket fees for an accident that you cause that damages another person’s property or results in serious injury. Additionally, uninsured and underinsured boater coverage will protect you from paying for the repairs to your boat or medical expenses incurred by you or a passenger if a boat owner hits you without insurance. 

If your boat has a motor attached to it or is a sailboat, then Utah law requires that it be registered and numbered. The DMV processes boat registrations and the registration certificate must be on board the boat at all times if you are stopped by law enforcement. If you are operating a motorboat or sailboat, you can do so if you are under the age of 16 only if accompanied and supervised by a responsible individual that is 18 years or older. For personal watercraft devices, children between the ages of 12 and 17 can operate these vessels after completing a Utah State Parks approved boater safety and education course. 

For more information on boat insurance, call The Smith Insurance Group Inc. in Sandy, UT a call to learn more. 



The ABCs of Boat Insurance

Knowing how insurance works for something as expensive as a boat can be challenging. For example, if you are a new boat owner, you may wonder how much coverage will be enough for your boat or whether your home insurance covers your boat. At The Smith Insurance Group Inc., we want to shed some light on boat insurance.

If you are a boat owner, there are things you need to know to make sure you get the right insurance coverage for your pricey asset. As much as boats are fun, they are prone to many unfortunate incidences. That’s where boat insurance comes in. Without further ado, let’s look at the ABCs of boat insurance.

Different boat insurance coverages

Boat insurance isn’t designed as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy. You only choose coverage options suitable for your needs. Typical boat insurance options to choose from include:

  • Physical damage coverage
  • Liability coverage
  • Uninsured boat coverage
  • Medical coverage
  • Towing coverage

Boats may encounter various catastrophes, and that is why insurance is critical. Boat insurance offers coverage in boat sinking, theft, storms, collision, fire, and much more. Talk to your agent to see which coverage fits you.

Does home insurance cover your boat?

Home insurance covers small boats, typically for below $1,000. However, for bigger boats, you need boat insurance. Plus, home insurance only covers physical damage to your boat, excluding crucial protection like liability coverage.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Utah?

Unlike most states, boaters must purchase boat insurance in Utah. The mandatory boat insurance should include at least liability coverage in the policy.

Boat insurance in Sandy, UT

When using your boat, you need to have ample protection for peace of mind. Are you in Sandy, UT, and its surroundings looking for boat insurance? Contact us at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. Call us today for an affordable quote.


Why Should I Invest in Health Insurance?

Nothing beats a healthy you. Health is wealth. Good health keeps you going on with day-to-day activities living a happy life. But the increasing rate of health-related issues is worrying. Today you are enjoying life, and tomorrow you are bedridden. Not to mention the high cost of health care that has made health care a financial burden.

Nowadays, a consultation will cost some dollars, not to mention a simple surgery that might cost you thousands of dollars. In that case, health insurance has become necessary for everyone who wants to protect their assets. The Smith Insurance Group Inc. has prepared for you some of the reasons you should invest in health insurance.

Provides daycare services

One of the reasons for having health insurance is that it sorts your daycare treatment. Due to advanced treatment methods, some surgeries take a day, and you are left to go home the same day. It also provides outpatient services like consultations and clinic visits.

Caters for hospitalization expenses

Your health insurance should cover inpatient services like medication, boarding, surgeries, transplant, test, and much more. You can imagine the amount of money you could pay for this from your pocket.

Provides emergency services

Your health cover also pays for unexpected illnesses and injuries that require urgent treatment to avoid complications.

Provides routine health services

The policy provides health services that help us catch medical conditions early, like cancer screenings. It also offers preventative care like immunization.

Health insurance in Sandy, UT

Nowadays, health insurance is not just for hospitalization — it offers other benefits. There are many health insurance plans to choose from. Be sure to talk to an insurance agent to help you choose the right policy. If you are in Sandy, UT, and its surroundings, speak to us at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. for all your health insurance needs.

Who needs motorcycle insurance in Utah?

The Sandy, UT area can be a great place to work and live. When you are in this area, you will enjoy the nice weather that exists most of the year and the amazing terrain. Due to this, owning a motorcycle in this part of Utah can be a great option. There are various reasons why you will need to carry motorcycle insurance when in this part of the state. 

Coverage Needed to Protect Motorcycle

A reason that many will need to get coverage here is that it is the best way to protect the motorcycle. Your motorcycle is an important asset and one that you may rely on to get around the community. If you are looking to get a motorcycle, protecting the asset is very important. Your motorcycle insurance plan will offer the support that is needed to replace or repair your motorcycle if it is stolen, damaged in an accident, or you incur another form of the covered loss. 

Coverage is a Requirement

You should also get motorcycle coverage as it likely will be a requirement. Those that are going to drive a motorcycle need to make sure they have liability insurance. Without it, they will be in violation of state law and could face various penalties. Also, if you have a loan that is outstanding against your motorcycle, you could be required to carry a full insurance plan. 

Getting a motorcycle insurance plan is necessary for those that own a motorcycle in the Sandy, UT area. When evaluating your various options for motorcycle insurance coverage, calling The Smith Insurance Group Inc. can be ideal. As you are looking for support in this area, The Smith Insurance Group Inc. can help you choose a plan that will meet your needs and properly protect your motorcycle at all times. 

Full Life Insurance: A Look at This Option

Are you interested in a full life insurance policy but aren’t sure what it represents? You’re not alone. That’s why we at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. created this guide for Sandy, UT residents. Our team will help you better understand your options and minimize your confusion. 

Full or Whole Life Insurance Explained 

Whole life insurance will cover you for the rest of your life, not just for a set time. For example, term life insurance usually covers 10-20 years and will expire after that date passes. By contrast, your whole life policy will last the rest of your life and give you a high level of coverage and multiple levels of guarantees.

Their three primary guarantees include a guaranteed rate of return on the cash value, premium payments that don’t increase, and a death benefit that does not decrease. Though costlier than many types of life insurance, it does provide the most comprehensive payment options. 

What Full Life Insurance Covers 

This insurance policy will cover just about every type of death, including cancer, heart attacks, car accidents, murders, suicides, and much more. Most policies do have a built-in waiting period for suicide, though, as they don’t want someone to abuse the system in this way. 

Some policies may also not cover suicide, depending on their wording and their setup. Each death of this type is carefully investigated to ensure that it was not done for monetary gain by the receiving member. If the receiving member contributed to the death, they get no payout. 

Handling Your Insurance Needs 

Do you want a life insurance policy that makes sense for your needs? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us at The Smith Insurance Group Inc. right away to learn more. Our team can help Sandy, UT residents find the policy that makes the most sense for their needs and minimize their financial difficulties.

Why Utah Drivers Need Auto Insurance

Drivers in Sandy, UT looking for a new auto insurance policy should look no further than The Smith Insurance Group Inc. We serve the residents of Utah and would be happy to help you select an auto insurance plan that works for you. 

Liability and no-fault auto insurance are both required by law in the state of Utah. This means if you’re an active driver in Utah, you had better have car insurance. Although obeying the laws is of the utmost importance, we believe that auto insurance is a very important investment you can make to protect yourself as a driver on the road in Utah. 

Liability insurance protects you in the scenario where you are at fault for injuries or damage to another car in an accident. Collision insurance covers you in an accident where you hit another car. Comprehensive insurance covers other variations of damage, like theft or vandalism. 

 While you may be a very safe driver and do everything in your power to be safe on the road, you can’t control what other drivers are doing (or not doing) each day when you’re on the road. Because of this, car insurance is absolutely essential to your own safety, as well as the safety of other people on the road.

Don’t roll the dice and hope you never need insurance — if you’re in an accident, even if you aren’t at fault, you’ll need proof of insurance. If you get pulled over, you’ll need to show proof of insurance. It’s just not worth the risk to not have it, because anything can happen. 

The Smith Insurance Group Inc. is happy to help residents in Sandy, UT select the most suitable auto insurance policy that will help you and your family feel safe on the road. 

Which Life Insurance Policy is Right for You?

If you have a boat, you have boat insurance. If you have a car, you have invested in auto insurance. Well, if you have life, it makes sense to invest in life insurance from The Smith Insurance Group Inc. in Sandy, UT.

But since life insurance comes with different insurance policies, you may be unsure which one suits you. The good news is that as your life insurance partner, we have taken time to shed light on a life insurance policy apt for you.

Types of life insurance policies

Life insurance is that safety net your beneficiaries run to when financial obligations come calling. But for you to know what’s best for your loved ones, you need to understand the different life insurance policies and decide the one that suits your financial plan.

Term life insurance

This insurance comes into effect for a particular period, let’s say, 10, 15, or 20 years. This type of life insurance is suitable for you if you need coverage for a certain period. For instance, if you have children in school and want to ensure that their education is taken care of even when you die, term life insurance is best suited for you.

Besides, if you need a large amount of coverage but have a limited budget, term life insurance is a good option.

Permanent life insurance

This life insurance policy is usually in place for the rest of your life as long as you service your premiums. If you want a life insurance plan that remains in place for as long as you live, permanent life insurance is for you. Besides, if you are looking for a life insurance plan that accumulates cash value to supplement your retirement income, consider a permanent life insurance plan.

Invest in a life insurance policy today!

Would you like to secure your future with a life insurance policy? If you are in Sandy, UT and its environs, please get in touch with The Smith Insurance Group Inc. for an affordable quote.

4 Reasons You Should Get Motorcycle Insurance

When the weather is warm, you can’t wait to cruise with your bike. Unfortunately, riding is never risk-free, even when the weather is conducive. If you aren’t riding with a proper motorcycle insurance policy, you are putting yourself and the bike in danger. 

 If you are getting temptations to overlook motorcycle insurance, here is why you should get coverage from The Smith Insurance Group Inc., based in Sandy, UT.

It’s required by law

The last thing you would want to bother you is being slapped with non-compliance penalties and fines. In Utah, all riders must purchase bodily injury and property damage liability coverages in their motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance is even required before you register your bike to obtain license plates.

It covers you against liabilities

Even if you do your best to observe traffic rules, mistakes can happen, leading to accidents. And when this happens, you could face bodily injury and property damage liabilities from other motorists and road users. Without liability insurance, you may have to drum up resources to pay for these costs. 

It covers medical expenses

A motorcycle is the smallest vehicle on the road. As such, you may easily collide with cars that might not be seeing you. Unfortunately, motorcycle injuries can be significant, even after a minor impact. Thankfully, if you have PIP or MedPay coverage, you can focus on your recovery without worrying about medical bills. 

It protects your asset

Besides providing liability and medical expenses coverage, motorcycle insurance covers your bike, too. So, if you are involved in an accident and your bike is damaged or totaled, your insurer compensates you for the loss up to the coverage limit. Otherwise, you may have to finance the damage or replacement from your pocket.

Whether you own an old bike or you are looking to shop for a new one in Sandy, UT, contact The Smith Insurance Group Inc. for affordable motorcycle insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Insurance

Although boat accidents are not as common compared to auto accidents, it’s good to insure your boat, just in case of an unexpected loss. Whether you are considering purchasing a boat or already have one, it’s good to know more about boat insurance to avoid problems. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about boat insurance. And if you’re looking for a reputable boat insurance company serving Sandy, UT, The Smith Insurance Group Inc. is here to help you choose a cover that suits your needs.

Does The Law Require Me to Have Boat Insurance?

The law requires to have operator’s liability insurance whenever a person is using a boat. If you don’t have it, you risk being penalized because you will be violating state law. Don’t get into trouble with the authorities while The Smith Insurance Group Inc. can offer you a suitable boat insurance policy. 

Do I Need to Have Insurance Even When My Boat Is Not Very Expensive?

You need to have boat insurance even when you feel like your boat is not expensive. The reason for this is, there will be a need to cater for medical bills in case an accident happens or property is damaged. 

Does A Homeowners Policy Offer Boat Coverage?

Some people may assume that their boat it’s covered under their homeowner’s policy. This might be true to some extent. The coverage may be very restricted and not cater to all your insurance needs. It’s always good to review your homeowner’s policy well and ask questions to make sure everything is clear.

Do I Still Need Boat Insurance During the Off-Season Period?

Your boat needs coverage even during the offseason period because it might get damaged when in transit or storage. 

Boat insurance can protect you from many undesirable experiences. It also helps you have peace of mind whenever you’re navigating in water, transporting your boat, and even when it’s in storage. Contact The Smith Insurance Group Inc. to learn more about our boat insurance covers in Sandy, UT. 

The Importance of Having Updated Health Insurance

Health insurance is there to cover your medical expenses when you need it most. The costs of health insurance have gotten higher over the years, so it has become even more important to carry insurance for a number of reasons. The Smith Insurance Group Inc. reminds you in the Sandy, UT area to check on your health insurance now.

Why Have Updated Health Insurance?

  • Medical conditions are unpredictable. You could be feeling fine today and may fall ill tomorrow, break an arm while exercising, or experience an accident that could put you in the hospital. You don’t want to have to pay for those costs from your own pocket.
  • Costs continue to rise. With the cost of health insurance continuing to be inflated, you can’t be too careful to make sure you have adequate health insurance for yourself, as well as your family. 
  • Car accidents. Just as you have auto insurance in the case of an auto accident, you should also have health insurance in the event of an auto collision. Keep your policy updated and make sure you are covered for everything that could happen so you won’t be caught unaware.

Why People Don’t Keep Their Health Insurance Up-to-Date

There are a number of reasons why people don’t keep their health insurance up-to-date. One reason is people don’t think about health insurance (or life insurance, for that matter) until they need to cash in. Only when someone breaks an arm, has a medical issue, or other medical problems do they think about their health insurance. 

But the time to think about insurance is before anything happens; not after the fact. Then, it’s too late to update your policy. If you’re not covered, you will have to pay your medical expenses yourself. And this can be costly!

What to Do

If you haven’t thought about your health insurance in a while, maybe now’s a good time! The Smith Insurance Group Inc. serving the Sandy UT area, can sit down with you and plan out the ideal health insurance plan for you and your family. Have your questions ready and contact them today, before you really need them.