Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Insurance

Although boat accidents are not as common compared to auto accidents, it’s good to insure your boat, just in case of an unexpected loss. Whether you are considering purchasing a boat or already have one, it’s good to know more about boat insurance to avoid problems. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about boat insurance. And if you’re looking for a reputable boat insurance company serving Sandy, UT, The Smith Insurance Group Inc. is here to help you choose a cover that suits your needs.

Does The Law Require Me to Have Boat Insurance?

The law requires to have operator’s liability insurance whenever a person is using a boat. If you don’t have it, you risk being penalized because you will be violating state law. Don’t get into trouble with the authorities while The Smith Insurance Group Inc. can offer you a suitable boat insurance policy. 

Do I Need to Have Insurance Even When My Boat Is Not Very Expensive?

You need to have boat insurance even when you feel like your boat is not expensive. The reason for this is, there will be a need to cater for medical bills in case an accident happens or property is damaged. 

Does A Homeowners Policy Offer Boat Coverage?

Some people may assume that their boat it’s covered under their homeowner’s policy. This might be true to some extent. The coverage may be very restricted and not cater to all your insurance needs. It’s always good to review your homeowner’s policy well and ask questions to make sure everything is clear.

Do I Still Need Boat Insurance During the Off-Season Period?

Your boat needs coverage even during the offseason period because it might get damaged when in transit or storage. 

Boat insurance can protect you from many undesirable experiences. It also helps you have peace of mind whenever you’re navigating in water, transporting your boat, and even when it’s in storage. Contact The Smith Insurance Group Inc. to learn more about our boat insurance covers in Sandy, UT.