Is it a must to name a family member as my life insurance beneficiary?

Who should I name as a beneficiary? This is one of the most common questions people ask when purchasing life insurance. Deciding who will be your beneficiary is a big decision for any Sandy, UT insurance holder that involves critical thinking and essential decision making. Many people tend to name their family members as their primary beneficiary, creating the assumption and myth that you can only name a family member. At The Smith Insurance Group Inc., we help you make an informed decision by laying the facts about life insurance on the table.

Who is a beneficiary?

A beneficiary is a primary entity or person that you give consent to receive death benefits from your life insurance policy if you were to die. We have two main types of beneficiaries; the contingent and the primary beneficiary. A primary beneficiary is a person, or people is the first line who can claim your death benefit from your policy. If the primary beneficiary dies before you have changed the name, a contingent beneficiary can receive the death benefit.

Can I name non-family members?

Absolutely! Life insurance policy in personal coverage. Therefore, you have the liberty to choose who you want to benefit from your money, depending on the reason why you bought the coverage. Many people in Sandy, UT purchase life insurance to protect their families from the financial stress upon the breadwinner’s death. Such people usually name their family members as beneficiaries. This could be a spouse, children, parents, siblings, or close relatives. However, if you have to name minors, it is essential also to name an adult who will be in charge until the child becomes an adult.

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